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When Exactly Do I Need to Update My Will?

It is also important to realize that it isn’t merely “why” you are updating your will, but “when” you are updating that can make all the difference. Acting too late (or too early) may mean your changes are no longer appropriate or even immediately invalidated.

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Why Should I Think about My Death?

Talking about death makes most of us uncomfortable, so we don’t plan for it. That’s a big mistake, because if you don’t have an end-of-life plan, your state’s laws decide who gets everything you own. A doctor you’ve never met could decide how you spend your last moments, and your loved ones could be saddled with untangling an expensive legal mess after you die.

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When Social Security Makes the Most Sense

When should you sign up for Social Security? It is a good question. Many seniors grapple with that decision, and understandably so, since the age at which you claim benefits will dictate how much money you will receive each month during retirement.

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